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Lists formatted for the mobile web. Best Sellers, Fiction, New Releases and Bargain Books are all available as ebooks. These books can be read on your Nook, Android, iPad, iPhone, computer or other mobile devices.

Best Sellers - delivered fast to your mobile device

Saving Deets!:
Zack Peter
The Special Needs Parent Handbook
Jonathan L. Singer
Could it Be Autism?
Nancy Wiseman

Fiction Books - entertaining characters with autism

The Thursday Surprise
Ryan R. Ennis
The Autism & ADHD Diet:
Barrie Silberberg
Charity Bites:
Zack Gonzalez

New Releases - the latest autism books read anywhere

A Child's Journey Out of Autism Leeann Whiffen
Educating Children With Autism
Committee on Educational Interventions for Children With Autism
Autism in the School-Aged Child:
Carol Schmidt

$.99 eBooks - budget friendly resources

Autism By Hand Lorca Damon
Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Parent's Guide to Autism and Asperger Syndrome
Autism Denied
Elizabeth Brown

eBook News
According to the Association of American Publishers, ebook sales have surpassed hard cover books for the first time in the United States.

Trade Publishers rate of ebook production rose from 50 - 76% in two year according to Aptara's 2011 ebook survey

Reader Statistics
According to Pew Internet & American Life, a typical ebook reader read 24 books in the past year.

There are approximately 2.1 million adults in the United States who own electronic books readers according to Mediamark, Research and Intelligence.

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