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According to the new findings from the CDC at 1 in a 70, over 673,000 children in the United States have some form of autism. After receiving a child's diagnosis, parents lives are forever impacted. Parents have to shift their time and energies to helping their newly diagnosed child. The rewards are worth the effort. Studies show that the earlier the child receives behavioral intervention the more favorable the long term effect in childhood development. Parents of kids with autism know how hard it is to get quality services for their kids. Through reading, parents can feel empowered by doing it on their own with the added benefit of spending quality time with their child and become informed partners to the therapists working with their child. The books referenced below identify common ASD behaviors children experience and provide parenting solutions for those behaviors.

Answering Autism From A-Z

by Karen J. Crystal
Autism Book At A Glance
Autism Focus: Parenting, Behavior
Published: November 23, 2011
Length: 180 pages, Format: ebook,
Summary: Written by a mother of a child with Autism, Answering Autism From A-Z provides parents, caregivers, teachers and families with informative details on how to deal with Autism on a daily basis. the author describes the challenges of raising a child from early diagnosis to academic excelling teenager.

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