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September 2013 - Back to School

After researching and reading hundreds of autism books, the idea for Autism Books 101 was born. AutismBooks101.com is a website designed by parents of children with autism for parents, teachers, and caregivers of children with autism. Our goal is to provide parents with free resource information on what we perceive are the best books for autism and its related disorders. Any opinion expressed here is purely personal and we are not affiliated with any organization or service provider.

By reading or using AutismBooks101.com, you agree and understand the following:
AutismBooks101.com is not a medical site and does not offer medical advice. The goal of AutismBooks101.com is to encourage parents to become knowledgeable about Autism. However, any information gained from the website or the recommended books should be use in conjunction with and not in lieu of
the advice received from your health care and educational professionals. Before making any changes to your child's treatment, therapy, diet or educational plan you should discuss your choices with the appropriate professional.

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