New to Autism Books:

Before my son was formally diagnosed with Autism, I was concerned about his development and I read my first book on learning disabilities. Reading and learning has given me the necessary knowledge about the diagnosis and symptoms of Autism. Through knowledge, you will understand your child better, be a more proactive partner to the therapists working with your child and learn vital knowledge to make the most of your child’s education. In addition to the books listed below, a link to the most popular articles on Autism from has been added for your review. The site has many articles that give a good overview of Autism including screening, diagnosis and symptoms.

Featured Book of the Week

Facing Autism: Giving Parents Reasons for Hope and Guidance for Help by Lynn M. Hamilton
Now parents of autistic children can find the hope and practical guidance they need. Perhaps one of the most devastating things parents can learn is that their child has been diagnosed with autism. A multifaceted disorder, autism has long baffled parents and professionals alike. At one time, doctors gave parents virtually no hope for combating the disorder. But in recent years, new treatments and therapies have demonstrated that improvement is possible. With intensive, early intervention, some children have recovered from autism and have been integrated into school, indistinguishable from their peers. In this greatly needed new book, author Lynn M. Hamilton draws upon her own experience of successfully parenting an autistic child to give overwhelmed moms and dads guidance, practical information, and - best of all - hope for battling this disorder in their children's lives. In Facing Autism, parents will learn ten things they can do to begin battling autism right away, investigate cutting-edge biomedical treatments and other therapies, explore the benefits of dietary intervention, and much more as they learn how to begin the fight for their child's future.

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